Library is a nucleus of teaching, learning and research process. College Library has been playing a vital role in allover development of the college since its inception, various courses and educational programs are taught in the college. Libraries are now extending their traditional roles of facilitating self-education and individual enrichment by providing low-cost or free computer access to online resources. The potential of what can be achieved in information generation, acquisition, collection, processing, display and dissemination, was very exciting and intoxicating, and resulted in futuristic dreams.

The main purpose of library is to disseminate knowledge freely, support teaching, research and academic activities and ignite the minds of youngster studying in our college. Library staff works with the motto “To provide the right information to the right user at right time in right format”. We are giving technology based services and facilities such as Web-OPAC, reference service for searching information from online databases, e-books, e-journals, consortia and internet facility along with other open source tools available for research scholars, computerized issue return and attendance through barcode scanner, etc. At the same time we also provide traditional services such as reference and referral service, current awareness service, bibliographical services, reading facility, book bank facility for needy students, inter library loan and library orientation programs, etc.

We have a rich collection of books which includes reference, text, self-help, personality development, biographies, autobiographies, success stories, novels and competitive exam related books in our library. We subscribe national and International journals and magazines and provide e-resources by INFLIBNET N-List. Through library website, web-OPAC and e-resources are accessible to users for 24/7 from any location.

Every year library organizes book exhibitions, celebrates birth anniversaries of eminent personalities, and conducts various competitions and other programs to inculcate reading habits among the students.Happy Reading....

Education, a medium of great change, ensures a development in educational, social, economical and cultural fields. As well it influences all aspects of human life enabling each and every body develop one’s personality, character and professional career. Educational institutes play a vital role in the comprehensive development of human society. Development of culture and development of libraries are closely related. Libraries work to create awareness about culture and traditions, so libraries are community oriented. Overall, libraries are bridges between past and future cultures

The Savitribai Phule Mahila Mahavidyalaya’s library is established in the year June 1989. The library plays a very vital role in the development of the college. Library provides the best of books which are essential for the development of students and the teachers. Today more than 1200 students, teachers and non-teaching employees avail of the facility of enhancing and updating their knowledge. The Library has a collection of 33368 reference and text books. Apart from these the library has a collection of projects, theses, reports etc. It subscribes about 43 National and International journals, Periodicals and magazines of various disciplines and 10 daily newspapers of state and national level both in Marathi and English.

Aim & objectives

To provide the qualitative information to the readers, support and strengthen the reading and research abilities of stakeholders

  • To provide various library services and facilities to the readers.
  • To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development.
  • To preserve and conserve the collection of reading material in the library.
  • To promote reading culture among the students, faculty and the society.
  • To provide books and references needed by the academic community.
  • To provide books for various job-related examinations to the students.
  • To inculcate a culture of ‘Reading’ among students.
  • To develop collection of reading material useful for various courses.


The College has a library advisory committee and Principal is a Chairman. The Librarian is a Secretary and all the heads of the department are the Members. The committee members meet twice in a year for the following tasks.

  • To fix budget of library this depends upon strength of students.
  • To give guidelines for smooth functioning of the library.
  • Maintenance and up gradation of library services.
  • To take major decisions regarding purchase of study material and support facilities.
  • To discuss problems of library and readers.
  • To take decisions regarding late fees, library fees, deposits withdrawal policy, sale of waste newspapers, etc.

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Prin. Dr. Shivling Menkudale Chairman
2 Dr. Mrs. J. A. Aphale Naac Co-ordinator
3 Dr. S. S. Pawar Member
4 Dr. Mrs. S. S. Gharge Member
5 Dr. A. H. Umap Member
6 Dr. G. S. Bhosale Member
7 Dr. S. M. Bhosale Member
8 Mr. R. P. Wadate Member
9 Smt. P. K. Ghatage Member
10 Mr. D. R. Pawar Member
11 Mr. A. A. Phate Member
12 Mr. S. B. Nikam Member
13 Shri. S. J. Rasal Member
14 Miss. P. P. Madane Student Representative
15 Mrs. A.C. Jirage Secretary


Sr. No. Academic Year Date Activity Subject Beneficiaries View
1 2021-2022 12/08/2021 National Librarian Day Importance of Library 25 View
2 2021-2022 15/10/2021 Reading Motivational Day Reading Culture 47 View
3 2021-2022 03/01/2022 Best Library User Award Mahila Shikshan Din 115 View
4 2021-2022 06/01/2022 Marathi Patrakar Din Pratibimb, College News 97 View
5 2021-2022 13/03/2022 Book Exhibition International Women's and Yoga Day 450 View
6 2021-2022 25/03/2022 Book Exhibition --- 334 View
7 2021-2022 28/03/2022 Extension Activity Library at Village 165 View
8 2021-2022 19/05/2022 Best Library User Award Annual Prize Distribution Day 558 View
1 2020-2021 30/07/2020 National Webinar MS word for Research Reporting 823 View
2 2020-2021 12/08/2020 National Librarian Day Contribution of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan 48 View
3 2020-2021 15/10/2020 Reading Motivational Day Wallpaper of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Poems 52 View
4 2020-2021 06/01/2020 Marathi Patrakar Din Pratibimb Wallpaper 34 View
5 2020-2021 23/01/2021 National Handwriting Day Ghadava Sundar Hastakshar 36 View
6 2020-2021 27/02/2021 Marathi Rajbhasha Din Book Exhibition All Student & Faculty Members View
7 2020-2021 27/02/2021 Marathi Rajbhasha Din Mee Marathi Mazi Swakshri Marathi All Student & Faculty Members View

Book Bank facility

Book Bank facility is provided to Economically Backward Class Students on receipt of their requisite forms. Due notice of Book Bank is published on all the notice boards at the time of admissions. For one academic year at a time, sets of books from the book bank scheme of the library are given to the students. Books regarding syllabus are issued to students for the whole year and taken back after final examination is over.

Sr. No. Year Total Students Total Books Issued Details
1 2022-2023 362 2220 View
2 2021-2022 264 2137 View
3 2020-2021 362 2211 View
4 2019-2020 152 1435 View
5 2018-2019 300 1333 View
6 2017-2018 116 1765 View


INFLIBNET’s N-LIST consortium for colleges is extremely economic and useful to college’s readers. All new economic and invented information is available on N-LIST E-journals. ShodhGangotri, Shodhganga and E-ShodhSindhu are three main repositories of INFLIBNET N-LIST consortia. The Based on the recommendation of an Expert Committee, the MHRD has formed e-ShodhSindhu merging three consortia initiatives, namely UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, N-LIST and INDEST-AICTE Consortium. The N-LIST Programme is subsumed under UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium as college Component. The colleges (except Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Medical, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing) in India are eligible to get access e-resources under N-LIST Programme.

E-journals and e-book Service: The library provides individual user ID and its password to users for making use of e-resources on N-LIST INFLIBNET. The users can access the e-database even from anywhere.

Contact Persons Details

Name: Mrs. Asha Chandrashok Jirage

Phone: 9922639235


Technical Personal

Name: Mr. S. B. Nikam


Phone: 9890559464


Periodicals are the best sources for current information. Current events are usually discussed in periodicals long before they become the subject of a book. Periodicals often contain information on the latest trends, products, research and theories. In this background library has purchased total 41 Journals, periodicals and magazines. (07 International, 17 National journals, 09 Periodicals and 08 Magazines

International Journals

Sr. No. Name of International Journals Periodicity Department
1 Indian Journal of Finance Monthly Commerce
2 Indian Journal of Marketing Monthly Commerce
3 Indian Journal of Management Monthly Commerce
4 LITTCRIT Half Yearly English
5 PC Quest Monthly Computer Science
6 Digit Monthly Computer Science
7 Down to Earth Fortnightly Environmental Science

National Journals

Sr. No. Name of National Journals Periodicity Department
1 University News Weekly Higher Education
2 Indian Literature Monthly English
3 Journal of English Language Teaching Monthly English
4 The Chartered Accountant Student Monthly Commerce
5 Indian Psychological Review Half Yearly Psychology
6 Journal of Educational Psychology Half Yearly Psychology
7 ledkyhu Hkkjrh; lkfgR; Bimonthly Hindi
8 f'k{k.k vkf.k lekt Quarterly Social Science
9 vFkZlaokn Quarterly Economics
10 v{kj okM~e; Quarterly Marathi
11 dforkjrh Quarterly Marathi
12 yfyr Monthly Marathi
13 ejkBh la'kks/ku if=dk Quarterly Marathi
14 m|kstd Quarterly Commerce
15 la'kks/kd Quarterly History
16 gal Monthly Hindi
17 ifjorZukpk okVl# Monthly Social Science


Sr. No. Name of Periodicals Periodicity Department
1 Competition Success Review Monthly Competitive Exam
2 O;kikjhfe= Monthly Commerce
3 uoHkkjr Monthly Social Science
4 izcks/ku izdk’ku T;ksrh Monthly Social Science
5 lekt izcks/ku if=dk Quarterly Social Science
6 Lkk/kuk Weekly Social Science
7 izfr;ksfxrkniZ.k Monthly Competitive Exam
8 tM.k?kM.k Monthly Marathi
9 f'k{k.k vkf.k lekt Quarterly Social Science


Sr. No. Name of Magazines Periodicity Department
1 x`g'kksfHkdk Monthly Extra-curricular
2 lkIrkfgd ldkG Weekly Extra-curricular
3 lkIrkfgd yksdizHkk Weekly Extra-curricular
4 ;kstuk Monthly Competitive Exam
5 yksdjkT; Monthly Competitive Exam
6 Exbhit Monthly Extra-curricular
7 Society Monthly Extra-curricular
8 Employment News Weekly Extra-curricular

Library at a Glance

Library Collection:

Good thoughts in a book are useful not only in one person's life but also for many generations for centuries. Reading a good book is a sign of a civilized society. Education makes a person well-educated. Conversation makes a man wise, but reading makes a man complete and libraries can do the work of making the reader a scholar. In this background, the college has well equipped up-to-date library with varieties of books. More than 33240 (15674 Textbooks +17566 Reference books) are available in library. 36 Journals /Periodicals/ Magazines, 92 CDs. Back Volumes 250 and 09 daily newspapers in Marathi and English. This total collection of Books 33240 books is computerized. Library use Dewey decimal classification system to classify books

Library at a Glance

Senior College Books 19389
B.C.A. Books 1236
Career Oriented Course Books 1903
Young college catch up Grant 571
Career Counseling Cell 446
Coaching Classes 607
Donated Books 8918
P.G. Books 529
Innovative Course Books 259
Total No. of Books 33858
Text Books 13263 (Computerised-12053)
Reference Books 16282(Computerised-11951)
Total Titles 7802
Journals/Periodicals/Magazines (14 Journals & 28 Periodicals) 42
Bound Volumes 250
Newspapers 10
Student Book Ratio 1.29
Cassettes 10
E-Book Databases 12 (INFLIBNET N-List)
E-Journal Databases 10 (INFLIBNET N-List)

Library Policy

Library Policy:

Savitribai Phule Mahila College Library is well-equipped with various text and reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals, magazines, newspapers etc. To utilize the facility for the better academic development and enhancement of staff, students and stakeholders library committee has prepared its policy under the guidance of management and IQAC as given below:


  • To provide the right information at the right time to the right form to its users.
  • To provide various library services and facilities to the readers.
  • To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development.
  • To preserve and conserve the collection of reading material and sources of information in the library for the users.
  • To promote reading culture among the students, faculty and the society.
  • To provide books and references needed by the academic community.
  • To provide information for various job-related examinations to the students.
  • To inculcate a culture of ‘Reading’ among students.
  • To develop collection of reading material useful for various competitive examination and courses.

Stakeholders of college may use computing and networking technologies in the library with the following restrictions

  • The use is not for illegal acts under fedral or state law, pornography or gambling.
  • The use doesn’t result in commercial profit or private profit.
  • The use does not violate the rules regulations and policy of library.
  • Food and Snacks are not allowed in the Library.

Borrowing Policy for the Students/ Faculty/ Outsider/ Aumni:

  • Library card is issued to every student If it is lost, duplicate card will be issued on payment Rs.50/- along with the prescribed application form.
  • Identity and Library card are non-transferable. These cards shall be valid for one academic year.
  • Students can borrow two books on library card for the duration of seven days.
  • Reference/rare books are not issued. However they are made available in the library.
  • Books and other reading materials borrowed by the reader are liable to recalled back at any time.
  • Overdue charges of Rs. 1 per day will be charged for over dues.
  • Every reader using the library shall be responsible for its safe custody and return the book undamaged. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals by defacing or tearing pages will be treated as misconduct and strictly dealt with.
  • If the books are lost, then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay cost of the book after getting permission from the librarian.
  • All faculties’ staff of the institute is entitled to become library members.
  • Membership is allowed only after submitting a duly filled in and signed membership form, duly recommended by the concerned HoD or office order of joining in the institute. The members are supposed to be conversant with and agreeable to the Library rules.
  • Staff should take library No-Dues Certificate (NOC) while Transfer/Deputation/ Superannuation from the college. (While living the college, student and faculty should return books and library borrowers’ card without fail, thereafter NOC will be issued.)
  • The library advisory committee may suggest the limitation of books to faculty, student's alumni and outsider user on the basis of their library collection.

Library Specific Conduct Policies:

  • Keep Silence.
  • Turn your mobiles on silent mode.
  • Return your material (books, journals, etc.) on time so that others may use them.
  • Watch your valuables at all times.
  • Treat one other with the same respect that you expect.

Library Practices

Best Library User Award:

To promote maximum and proper utilization of library facilities and services, the Library gives away “Best Library User” award to the students every year who make maximum use of the library resources and facilities. Three students (one from each faculty of Commerce, Arts, B. C. A. and B.Voc. in Nursing) are selected for the award. All the students are suggested to visit the library and make optimum use of Library facilities and resources.

Best Library User Award 2017 to 2022

Sr. No. Year Name of the Students Class
1 2021-22 Miss. Nikam Vaishnavi Madhav B.A.I
2 Miss. Salunkhe Pallavi Prabhakar B.A.II
3 Miss. Salunkhe Daivata Sayaji B.A.III
4 Miss. Jadhav Aparana Bhimrao B.Com.I

Library Services

  • Computerized Issue-Return: The Counter for home lending is open between 10.00am to 4.30pm on all working days of the week. Students, Teachers, and outsider users can borrow books from this counter. Students are issued Two books at a time for one week.
  • Periodical Service: The magazines and journals are made available to library users. Students have to read in the library only.
  • E-Journals and E-book Service: The library provides individual user ID and password to users for making use of e-resources for INFLIBNET N-LIST and Other databases are made available through IP Based.
  • Open Access: The library supports free access to research materials and the use of technologies to identify, locate, and use scholarly resources.
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue): Online Public Access Catalogue has been provided to have easy access to the collection of the library. Students can search books by Author, title, subject, and publisher.
  • Reference Service: The library staff, especially the librarian, helps the readers in finding their queries. Readers are also provided with relevant documents that are of their interest.
  • Current Awareness Service: List of content pages of the Periodicals/Magazines is given to the readers on demand. The college is also buying nine daily newspapers. These newspapers are kept in the reading hall and staff room.
  • Bibliographic Service: It is an on-demand service. List of reference books and other materials is provided to the faculty and students. The list of new arrivals is also given to the teachers and students.
  • News-Paper Clipping Service: Every day, the newspapers contain very important news in special editions on various subjects which are very useful to the readers.
  • User Orientation: Library conducts orientation programs for new users to enable them to use library resources effectively.
  • Previous Question Papers/Program Syllabus: Library staff provides question paper sets, syllabi, e-books, e-services, home lending, references, and inter-library loan services.

Library Facilities

  • Book Bank: Sets of books from the book bank scheme of the library are given to students from economically weaker sections of society for one academic year at a time.
  • Network Resource Centre: The library provides computing and networking facilities through NRC to support the educational and curriculum-related research needs of all college stakeholders. Personal or recreational use of workstations, such as writing emails or surfing the web, is not allowed.
  • Inter-Library Loan Facility: The library has interlibrary borrowing facilities with various colleges of the parent institution and local sister branches in Satara city. Accounts can be opened in their libraries to avail this service.
  • Reprography Facility: Reprography facility is available in the library for students and staff members at a charge of one rupee per copy.
  • Wi-Fi Facility: The entire library is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing members to access electronic resources subscribed by the library using their own laptops.
  • In-house/Remote Access to E-resources: Internet access is available in the library, B.C.A., and Tally computer lab for accessing e-resources. Users can log in using their user ID and password.
  • Assistance in Searching Database: The library staff provides assistance to students and teachers in searching databases.
  • Students Tracking Software: Students Tracking Software is used to keep attendance and provide accurate data analysis of users' attendance in various forms.
  • Library Card with Barcode: Users are provided with a barcode library card for the purpose of book issue and return.
  • New Arrivals: The list of newly arrived books is displayed on the notice board and periodical rack.


Library uses Cloud based ‘LIBRERIA’ Library Management Software (2.0 Version) developed by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited, Pune for computerization. The college has made AMC with MKCL, Pune. ‘LIBRERIA’ software has various 14 modules like masters, book management, accessioning, membership, circulation, Book-Bank, OPAC, catalogue, reports, database backup etc. OPAC link is also given in College website for easy access of the Catalogue. With the help of this software soft functioning of the library activities are done.

Working Hours of Library

Total Area of the library

  • Circulation and Reference section :- 266 sq.m.
  • Staff Reading room :- 43 sq.m.
  • Student Reading room :- 64 sq.m.
  • NRC centre :- 20 sq.m.
  • Total Seating Capacity (student) : - 50 nos.
  • Total Seating Capacity (staff) : - 10 nos.

Sr. No. Name of the Section On Working Days Examination Days During Vacation
1 Reading Room 08.00am to 06.00pm 08.00am to 06.00pm 08.00am to 06.00pm
2 Periodical Section 08.00am to 06.00pm 10.00am to 06.00pm 08.00am to 06.00pm
3 Network Resource Center 10.30am to 5.30pm 10.30am to 5.30pm
4 Circulation Section 10.30am to 5.30pm 08.00am to 06.00pm 10.30am to 5.30pm
10.00am to 5.30pm 10.00am to 06.00pm

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