Vivekvahini and Speak-out Cell


College runs various programmes for the overall development of the students. Students always want to discuss about many things but generally there is lack of well managed platform. To fulfill this need of the students college has developed Vivekvahini: a platform for rational thinking since last fifteen years. To provide the proper guidance college has signed an MoU with Maharashtra Vivekvahini in the year 2014-15. Under the guidance of Dr. Chitra Dabholkar various programmes are conducted for the students to make them aware of social responsibilities social issues, self-decisions, life skills etc.

‘Vivekvahini’ is a knit organization of students and teachers who are interested in changing themselves and the society. Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, a well-known social-activist from Satara is known as its pioneer and founder. He visited a large number of colleges covering almost all districts from Maharashtra to create the scientific approach among the students and teachers and motivated them to establish ‘Vivekvahini’ an open platform for rational thinking. Due to his movement Govt. of Maharashtra compelled all educational institutions to establish Vivekvahini with specific objective.

Speak Out Cell:

Savitribai Phule Mahila Mahavidyalaya established in June 1989 by Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara with the specific goal of providing higher education to the girls especially from rural background. 80% girls belong to the economically weaker families and they are the first who are facilitated with higher education facility. Most of them have various problems. Having the lack of communicative competence they are unable to share their problems, which may remain unsolved. Taking this need of sharing into consideration,the college runs “A Speak Out” Centre for them to avail the platform for speaking about them. They can share their economical, social, personal, familial and health problems with the committee members. It will be beneficial for them to manage the stress, economical and health issues. Moreover major problems can be solved with the help of legal departments of Government of Maharashtra.

Aim & objectives


Self-development is in our hands. Rights are necessary, but responsibility should take precedence.

  • To develop scientific attitude.
  • To create awareness about addictions and remedies to get rid of it.
  • Develop communication skills such as Decision-making, problem-solving, Negotiation skills, presentation skills etc.
  • To develop the rational thinking against the superstitions and train to eradicate them.
  • To provide the knowledge of Secularism and Constitution.
  • To create a good human being and responsible citizen.
  • To inculcate human values and ethics.
  • To train the students in life skills.


Working Committee:
  1. Dr. Shivling Menkudale (president)
  2. Mrs. Jayashri Aphale (co-ordinator)
  3. Dilip Pawar
  4. Asha Jirage
  5. Latika Patil
  6. Abhijeet Phate
  7. Shrimant Nikam

Speak Out Committee:

  • Dr. Shivling Menkudale(Chairman)
  • Mrs. Jayashri Aphale Vivekvahini and Speak-out Cell Coordinator
  • Pratibha Ghatage -Coordinator ,Internal Complaint Committee
  • Shri. Dilip Pawar -Coordinator ,Psycho-Socio Cell

External Members:

  1. Chitra Dabholkar
  2. Beena Shah
  3. GirishKulkarni
  4. Deepa Mahajani


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Annual Progammes of Vivekvahini:
  • Inauguration of vivekvahini.
  • Lecture on ‘Vivekvahini’: Meaning and Mission.
  • Workshop on ‘Self Awareness’
  • Camps on ‘Life Skills’.
  • Eco-friendly Ganeshostova Campaign
  • Workshop on Eco-friendly Ganesh idol making
  • Street play
  • Crackers free Diwali Campaign: Discouraging of fireworks, encouraging other activities such as: building replica castles, purchasing of books, social activity, etc.
  • Constitution Day Celebration.
  • Screening of Social Movies and discussions on them.
  • Discussion sessions on social issues.
  • ‘Speak Out’ sessions – 04
  • Financial help distribution to the needy and poor students.


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